Legalities of Selling in Guernsey

Before we launched Sarnia Scents in 2017 we contacted our local trading standards to get confirmation on what we needed to do to trade legally as a candle and cosmetic manufacturer and retailer. You can imagine our surprise to be told there were no laws for cosmetics in Guernsey but to follow the UK’s guidelines as “Best Practice”

Off we went to read a long document they provided to us on what the requirements are in the UK. We learnt all about Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (“CPSR”), Good Manufacturing Practice, Product Information Files, labelling requirements and the importance of having a good insurance policy, not only to protect us but to protect our customers.

It quickly became apparent to us that in order for us to be confident that our products were 100% safe for you to use, we would need to have the relevant safety reports. We are not qualified chemists so how do we know when mixing certain ingredients the end product would continue to be safe? This is where the CPSR confirms that they are. Our first formulations were submitted, tweaks were done where necessary and we were given our reports to confirm our final recipes were safe to start manufacturing.

Fragrance & Essential Oils

The governing bodies for fragrance oils are continually reviewing ingredients and changing, or in some instances banning, certain substances that make up fragrance and essential oils. Our CPSR’s ensure that none of these banned (or to be banned) ingredients are used in our cosmetic formulations. Some of these bans do not apply to fragrances used in wax melts or candles so we have to study the documentation of fragrance to ensure they can be used for both if we want to introduce a range of products.

Any CPSR’s using any ingredients which have been (or are going to be) banned, or where the fragrance oil composition has changed, needs to be submitted for approval again.

Children and Cosmetics

There are enhanced testing requirements needed for infant products to obtain a CPSR for children under 3 years and yet more testing requirements for babies from birth to 3 months. This is why the majority of our products are suitable only for children over 3. We do have a CPSR for our new Milk & Honey and Yoghurt & Honey soaps (to be launched in the New Year) which are suitable for children under 3. Why risk your child‘s delicate skin with a non-tested cosmetic product?

Our range of products may not be as extensive as some other locally made businesses but for us it is far more important to be selling our products that have all the relevant documentation in place - for our peace of mind, and yours.

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